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sukai-yume, January 2nd, 2011, 5:59 pm ( Reply )

- Now this is my first time inking with dip pens [apart from the straight lines, do NOT use a dip pen to rule a straight line *looks at discarded first attempt*] this is only a trial run. I want to know how it turns out so I know whether to contunue with this technique. It takes so bloody long I dunno if I'll bother but its always good to experiment. I’m not very keen on it myself.
Ahhh and I got the spotlight, I cant say how grateful I am of everyone its been so great! All your lovely comments! Thank you so much I very much appracite it! I hope everyone had a good christmas and new year!

Now if you want a laugh, this is me trying to save my sorry ass over the whole religion thing. If its tl;dr then thats fine
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------

So the issue of religion was arisen, which I think is exciting as I find it a very facinating topic as I've mentioned. However it is very important to remember that the views of each of my characters do not reflect my own. Because of the very lose plot structure of Raison it was very important to create a diverse group of well rounded, and overall beleivable characters. If they all supported very stoic personalities with very few opinions theyd be flat and unrelatable, and thats not what I'm aiming for. So that of course means that if a character has an opinion about religion in this case, then I'd advise the audience to take it IN CONTEXT however outlandish that statement may be. I never aim to offend anyone or preech thats not what this is about, its about telling a story and portraying a characters personality to the best of my ability. But the fact that it may be arising debate.. I'm gonna be honest its fecking brilliant. Human beings have this wierd lust for people to care about what theyre saying so if its prevoked some kind of reaction then happy birthday me.

I was a bit dubious about including the factor of religion as there are many maaannyyy different interpretations, for example some christians infact do not beleive in lucifer. Some lose faith in god because of terrible experiences that they blame on this omnicient power they formally beleived in. I know this from my learnings. I'd never cover anything I knew nothing about. With the same mentality that I shouldnt include anything controversial, there'd be no basis to cover politics and I'd definately scrap Als very mild racism. Sure theres an Obama poster in the first chapter but hell I'm not a Democrat, neither am I Republican. And Clegg, HA you have no idea how unpopular he is amongst students now that we have to pay up to 27 grand tuition fees. The fact of the matter is there are always alternate interpretations of different ideas and it is incredibly difficult to please all of the people all of the time. So broaden your minds lovies and ensnare the senses /shot.

So I just use this as a disclaimer, honestly my characters do not reflect the person I am. I look incredibly closely at all my scripts and I try and write in a way that will put across the story in the best possible way. *Skips away* Heed my words, possums and I apaologise from the bottom of my heart if I ever do offend or disagree with anyones views. You are my lovely readers of course.

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I love the dip pen art! The amount of depth you get with them is incredible (how DO you do it). Luca's rugby shirt looks so cute on him, bless. Though the amount of stubble has increased, damn his Mediteranian genes. Frank in the second panel is GENIUS man,his posse just wants so many darn pizzas. He's livin' the dream, right there. I laughed at Fabe and Faith in the background, she looks like she's about to knock him out. Al looks lovely in the last panel, although I cant figure out whether Luca is happy about him being such a sweetheart or Faith's magificent sweaty thighs. Good God, she's a babe.

I have to back you up on your views man. For anyone who bothers to read my comment, I know that Sukai genuinely means what she says and that she would never try to unload her views on her characters. She works SO HARD on giving them their own views which makes them so much more believable, and just as an off comment, please appreciate her work because she works her arse off at this, and I am so proud of everything she has acchieved with Raison. It's bloody brilliant, Im sure you'll agree, so take the time to thank her because she is so freaking dedicated, it really is something to be admired.

Oh, and we both know that his name isn't Luca Groceries, its Jeromers.

posted by IssyCouldn'tThinkOfAName on January 2nd, 2011, 6:11 pm

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Wow! This looks very nice. Using dip pens is difficult, but I love it. It seems so professional looking when pen and actual ink are used. Oooh.

And baw. Lookit that lopsided smile. <3

posted by rainbowscribblez on January 2nd, 2011, 6:18 pm

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Issy baby you didn't have to write all that, I should be thanking THEM for taking the time out to read it. Thanks anyway honey. <3

Yes Jeromers K. Jerome, and his brother Haters G. Hate.

posted by sukai-yume on January 2nd, 2011, 6:25 pm

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See! you can ink beautifully <3 Great job!! Hahah, this page feels so heartwarming, oh Luca, you out of place fishy.

posted by xkrazydog on January 2nd, 2011, 6:26 pm

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Your inking is immense you should definatley do it more often because it looks so bloody good! AWWWW THERE THEY ARE!! all my babiessss *grabby hands* You managed to capture Frank in such a brilliant way!THE EYES <3 oh and his hair is just YES!! He is exactly how I imagine him ;___; and the others...Words really can't describe <3. Oh man I'd be sarcastic but it just isn't happening tonight it seems OTL *Insert generic HELL YES comment about the thigh update*

Oh god I have sat here forever trying to think of something clever to respond to your point with. I can't seem to do it sadly but i'd at least like to say that you pretty much stated your case in the best possible way and I could not agree more. i'll leave the clever commenting up to your number 1 fan there.

Skittles. That is all.

posted by Caspian on January 2nd, 2011, 8:11 pm

  This is awesome, but... ( Reply )

How did he write "Luca Groceries" upside-down so well on his hand?

posted by anoni mouse (Guest) on January 3rd, 2011, 6:40 pm

whoa! ( Reply )

I just discovered this comic O.O; it's amazing and I love it so much!!!!

It's not like any of those other popular comics where I fav and sqeel at updates, this is one that takes my by the hand and forces a way into my heart ~

I must say I discovered at quite an interesting time seeing this page has different lines. It doesn't look bad, but I loved the pencil looking style from the other pages ^-^ it made the comic seem more.. historic!

posted by Raichi on January 6th, 2011, 5:19 am

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I have to agree with Raichi on the inking thing. ^^' I prefer just straight pencil work. The coloring doesn't seem as authentic either...just my opinion.
I understand what you mean about the character thing. I mean, one thing is that there's always SOME part of me in my characters, but they're not ME. They all have their different opinions and characteristics and etc. And about the Christianity thing, I can't remember who it was, but someone mentioned the other day that this generation is full of shallow believers. There's barely any SOUL in them anymore. So I understand what you're trying to say there.

posted by Leafy Savanna Chan on January 6th, 2011, 8:25 pm

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