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Because hey nobodys gonna steal my title of first commenter...unless..someone comments..first. BUT YES! I actually love luca's comment in the first pannel its seriously so funny, we all know a faith. Y'know the types that will give you thier life story if you ask for the time--- ohgodthatsme. This comic needs more thighslaps, that ones left me gaggin for more and you get bonus points if you re-name the comic thighslap. Heck Raison d'thighslap sounds great, its in french so you KNOW its classy. Nice to see she's still coated in leather (have you noticed ive given up making my feelings for her less lezbian) and you see that face. That face in the bottom there with the ttttiiiinnyy mouth. Thats the face I pull when I picture mr talking pizza naked (WHICH HAPPENES RIGHT? THATS TOTALLY IN THE PLOT RIGHT) manboobs #thatsallimsaying. Anyway inevitably once again this is too long so i'ma go but neeeeever stop drawing because if you do i will be forced to buy a pizza place myself and live in his noble footsteps <3 Love youu!

posted by Caspian on May 3rd, 2011, 6:32 pm

awww :( ( Reply )

Poor thing! All starving and nothing to eat or anywhere to sleep...

life can be cruel ;-; and he's such a sweetheart at that

posted by Raichi on May 9th, 2011, 7:41 am

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